Client cases

Aviation industry

Design of jet engines for the future use in aircraft require advanced computer analysis to maintain durability, reliability and performance.

Thanks to a well designed architecture of software developed by Pihldata, it can be used in a wide range of applications including gas turbine engines life cycle analysis. Pihldata not only use the latest technology in the developing process, we are shaping the future technology. As the analysis and development process is accelerated, new ideas are given new dimensions and freedom flourish.
  JAS 39 Gripen

Volvo Aero

Pihldata is developing software for Volvo Aero, that is used to develop a new generation of aircraft engines that is safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Military and Civil Engines

The software developed by Pihldata is used in both military and civil gas turbine engines, for life cycle analysis and in design of new components.

Pihldata has integrated simulation components from Nasa and Volvo Aero into a software package including a graphical user interface (GUI) with 3D visualisation features. The software is used on both Windows and Linux platforms, and a cluster is used to increase performance for detailed FEM calculations.

Piston simulationM.I.T. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pihldata has developed and integerated the GUI for Piston Simulation program, a simulation package for the tribological analysis of a piston system. The software involves a completely integrated modeling approach to address issues related to friction, ringpack, lubrication, blowby and oil consumption. The physical simulation models is developed by M.I.T., and is used by Volvo Car, Volvo Truck, Volvo Penta, Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, Mahle GmbH, Dana and PC.

Piston ringpack animation
by Piston GUI